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The Problem with “Boobs”

The Problem with “Boobs”

A little while ago, I changed the name of this blog from

When I first bought the site domain I was so deep in the throws of new motherhood that I didn’t even think about the implications of a website with the word “boobs” in it. I probably was texting the word to the moms on my text group ten times a day. My life was boobs, diapers, swaddle, boobs. “Between Boobs” was perfect.

Sadly, my mommy blog send up to Between Two Ferns kind of failed.  Here’s why:

Having a website name with the word “boobs” meant people couldn’t Google it without coming up with raunchy stuff. It meant people couldn’t open it at work. Even Facebook thought it was a porn site.

The porn industry took my boobs away from me. Which is crazy. I wanted them back!

Creepers don’t own boobs – moms do!

I wanted to keep the name on principle, reclaim it for every mama who’s in the thick of it. For the moms who text  their mom friends like ten times a day to keep their sanity through the first few months. For the moms who have to either breastfeed in public or let their baby go hungry (nope!). For the moms who only have a minute to think when in between monotonous daily tasks.

I think boobs are amazing. They can be sexy. They can be beautiful. But they aren’t XXX rated. They feed little babies, after all.

I was torn. No matter how much I wanted to stick to Between Boobs, I also wanted people to be able read my writing.

So, a few weeks ago, I let my boobs go. The timing was kind of perfect. My son is getting older and maybe we’ve both grown out of boobs a little. I’m working as a freelancer. We have childcare. I’ve found a little balance. It’s still a shit show but it's my shit show.

In thinking of a new name I kept going back to that phrase, “The days are long but the years are short.” So, that’s where The Short Ones comes from.

Now, after the name change, a little redesign and a patch of radio silence, I’ll get back to writing short(ish) posts about the shortest years.

Thanks for reading, pals!


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